Sunday Saviour #3

I am absolutely obsessed when feeling a bit down going onto YouTube and hunting out videos of pets returned to their owners after some time away, more significantly when dogs are returned to their owners from serving in the military. If you do not shed a tear at even a few of these videos then you are quite frankly heartless! So for my Sunday Saviour it’s a reminder of how dogs are quite truly mans best friend, how faithful and loving they are and how even after some time away they will still be your best buddy and companion if you return your affection for them.

After a long hard day at work I love nothing more than coming home and finding my wolfy chasing me around, jumping up, licking my face and somewhat crazed at my return after just a few hours away. It never fails to put a smile on my face even after the worst day in the ‘real world’.

Here are some of my favourite videos from YouTube with military homecomings and an extra special video that went viral yesterday.


Kat x

And my personal favourite. A little dog got so over excited he fainted after being reunited with his owner <3

Soap & Glory Haul

One of my favourite brands in Boots is most definitely the Soap & Glory range. I first stumbled across this a few years ago at Christmas when my Ma treated me to the big assorted hat box of goodies they famously put on offer during the seasonal period, I was instantly hooked with the large range of sweet smelling products. Every now and then Boots run a 3 for 2 offer so it’s best to stock up whilst you can! They have some new products in stock including Sugar Crush which is a cola lime scent (divine and smells so tasty!) as well as even newer products Orangeism which is simply to DIE for, especially the fragrance version. I also adore the make up products most notably the Supercat Eyeliner pen and Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Palettes, particularly the neutral colours.

I am currently saving some pennies so I resisted buying the large body bath products in favor of the mini’s which do last quite a while if you like to mix and match your body lotions and exfoliators. One thing I didn’t realise though is that S&G do skincare products so I spent yet another thirty minutes browsing this section at the huge range of face products from washes to wipes and all that in between. I opted for some T Zone face wipes and amazing daily face polish which is quite frankly one of the BEST products I’ve ever used. The exfoliation beads are a lot finer than most products have them and it has a rich peach scent which I just adore, it takes me back to my holiday in Florida when I was 10 years old.

So if you happen to be around Boot then treat yourself to a bit of luxury in the Soap & Glory range whilst it’s 3 for 2 and skincare is also discounted. If you’re a newbie then go for the mini products to be sure you know what you do and don’t like or treat a friend to the packaged gift ideas which they have aplenty.


Love and Light


P.S just booked my tickets for IMAX Guardians of the Galaxy on Thursday. Seriously EXCITED!

P.P.S tired of waiting for WordPress to sort out their photo hosting issues making everything blurry. Have opened a Flickr account and will be hosting pictures from there from now on. Yay no blurriness! (Although I’m pretty sure I’m still losing my eyesight)

Thoughtful Thursdays #4

Who’s a sucker for burying their head in the sand? Join the queue ladies and gentlemen because I do just that. I pretend to be organised but really I’m just lazy at making an effort to amend little things in life such as my finances, I used to be the best at saving and now I feel myself slipping into the black by over indulging online more than I should, (stay away from eBay!) It’s not just finances but my weight, my diet and my general health, I think I can just keep leaving it until later but an article recently inspired me that every day gone is a day wasted and when I do get round to achieving goals then I’ll think why on earth I wasted so much time. Bury-your-Head-in-the-sand

When I finished college aged 18 I didn’t want to go to Uni, I was lost and had no idea what the ‘big picture’ was for me. All of a sudden you’ve gone from no responsibilities to deciding what your career plan and life ambition was going to be. Did I want to go to Uni? Do I want to get married and have kids? Am I a career driven business woman? Argh! Too much pressure and that has weighed heavy on me for six years now.

I opted against Uni and decided to work full time in the knowledge that my parents weren’t going to be kicking me out any time soon, (seriously, my parents are the best, it has now got to the point my Mum doesn’t want me to leave!) However, six years later and when I look back at all these opportunities I dropped out of for a variety of reasons I feel a tad regret that I never followed through with some ambitions. At one point I was signed on to become a nurse, I aced my first exams and assignments but was terrified being nineteen years old thrown into the care world when I was really insecure and lacked massively in confidence dealing with strangers. 75% of the other people on the course were middle aged and ready for this challenge, I was way too young and it was easy to see why I couldn’t go through with it.

I did sort of go to Uni in the end by learning a foundation degree in Computing at my local college. I still don’t know what drove me to do this other than my interest in technology and computers but once again I was way out of my league. However, through group work and burying my nose into coursework I still somehow came out with a Distinction. It is only now when you look back you realise how much you have achieved, but by still living at home with no prospects of family or love on the horizon I can’t help but sometimes feel a little bit empty. It’s all because I buried my head in the sand all these years in denial that I would have to eventually grow up for real, move out and live this big scary world without the protection of my parents.9b8c343db7fb8b377ed4186a04fe79b0

But now my mind has turned to the prospect of career life, living in my own home, being a bit more settled and potentially having my own kids, (marriage isn’t such a big deal to me but I would happily be a single mother and adopt if it were to come to it). I’ve thought about a career I wanted to do for many years and one that my Mum always used to say I’d be great at from a young age, teaching. I could never do primary years as the amount of young kids would drive me to a nervous breakdown but I’ve always had a secret wish to be a secondary school teacher in either English or History. I’ve looked into my options and it means I will have to go to Uni to achieve this career as all my previous qualifications are either Media or Computer based and I don’t feel experienced enough to go into teaching those subjects.

That gives me a year, I have until September 2015 to pick a subject and go down the path I really did want to when I was about 11 or 12 years old but didn’t have the courage to do when I actually turned 16. Just under ten years later and after having buried my head in the sand for long enough I know there is a path out there for me to take and it may change again but for the first time in a long time I feel like I actually have a little direction in my life.

Love and Light,

Kat x