Ctrl + Alt + DELETE

Whilst in bed last night I had an epiphany which led to something I did today that some may find drastic, whilst others will probably comment with who cares. I decided I’d had enough of hiding behind false facades of social networking and online technology, so in consequence have deleted my Facebook account (for the umpteenth time I know) but also most notably my Twitter account (RIP since 2009). af360800970179da69b70f243c96d91b

So why did I decide I’d had enough? Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one who spends literal hours refreshing feeds, stalking ex friends and perving on random celebrities you think you know because you binge watched their filmography in a week. I’d had enough. Why should I waste my time trying to be a part of a strangers life when I’ve got my own to live?


I’ve never liked it and I’m known for having deactivated and deleted up to three accounts. There’s a social etiquette now with this certain social networking site as bullies from school suddenly want to ‘friend’ you and work colleagues think it absolute that you must add them within five working days of starting a new job. Friends become distant as instead of dinner dates, you’re replaced with the occasional cold hearted message check in, as you live with the certain fear your feed will pop up and suggest you add your ex-boyfriend because you ‘may know this person’. Yes I knew him, but I’d rather forget him now if that’s okay. People don’t make friends anymore, they make associates checking on their feed to get to know someone, stalking your lost and embarrassing photos as well as adding people purely to win an invisible popularity contest for who has the most ‘friends’. Sure, it’s a great easy way to keep in touch and even find long lost friends, but it just doesn’t do anything for me other than practically brag about all those people you disliked, remind you they even exist and encourage to make amends. No thanks, I’d rather use my time for something more productive.954084f6599f11550b865b95f9f578ba


Now I do like Twitter. I initially thought it boring until I delved into the land of ‘celebrity’ on there and found interesting, thought provoking and often humorous feeds from various folk I’ve idolized over the years. It even opens the door of opportunity to contact them in a less stalker way with favourites, retweets and mentions without too much effort required, however, Twitter was becoming a bit old and turning back into the notion of a popularity contest of how many follows you can get. Nothing I was interested in. I decided that if I was going to go cold turkey with Facebook, I might as well cut myself off completely from mindless updates. Plus it’s pretty depressing posting what you think are witty clever 180 character statements to be completely ignored and unloved in your feed other than for mildly insulting Twitter accounts spamming you with fat loss techniques.

So both Facebook and Twitter accounts are dust in the wind. What am I going to do with all this spare time? Live life. Read more. Breathe in fresh air. Complete all those challenges I’ve set myself and make friends the old fashioned way. Face to face. It’s hard work staying in touch with someone and nothing can beat a phone call, a handwritten letter or even a short coffee date. I’m tired of endless e-mails and meaningless messages trying to maintain friendships that just aren’t deep and real anymore. You look and realise you barely know that person and they don’t know you, and it’s no ones fault; it’s purely the trickery of online social networking making you think that by favouriting a statement or liking a status has suddenly made you soul mates.

If you really care about that person in your life, call them, arrange time to meet them and talk the old fashioned way. Leave phones, laptops and tablets at home to update to themselves whilst you go back to basics and live life the more fulfilling way.

With Love & Light

Kat x

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