Thoughtful Thursdays #4

Who’s a sucker for burying their head in the sand? Join the queue ladies and gentlemen because I do just that. I pretend to be organised but really I’m just lazy at making an effort to amend little things in life such as my finances, I used to be the best at saving and now I feel myself slipping into the black by over indulging online more than I should, (stay away from eBay!) It’s not just finances but my weight, my diet and my general health, I think I can just keep leaving it until later but an article recently inspired me that every day gone is a day wasted and when I do get round to achieving goals then I’ll think why on earth I wasted so much time. Bury-your-Head-in-the-sand

When I finished college aged 18 I didn’t want to go to Uni, I was lost and had no idea what the ‘big picture’ was for me. All of a sudden you’ve gone from no responsibilities to deciding what your career plan and life ambition was going to be. Did I want to go to Uni? Do I want to get married and have kids? Am I a career driven business woman? Argh! Too much pressure and that has weighed heavy on me for six years now.

I opted against Uni and decided to work full time in the knowledge that my parents weren’t going to be kicking me out any time soon, (seriously, my parents are the best, it has now got to the point my Mum doesn’t want me to leave!) However, six years later and when I look back at all these opportunities I dropped out of for a variety of reasons I feel a tad regret that I never followed through with some ambitions. At one point I was signed on to become a nurse, I aced my first exams and assignments but was terrified being nineteen years old thrown into the care world when I was really insecure and lacked massively in confidence dealing with strangers. 75% of the other people on the course were middle aged and ready for this challenge, I was way too young and it was easy to see why I couldn’t go through with it.

I did sort of go to Uni in the end by learning a foundation degree in Computing at my local college. I still don’t know what drove me to do this other than my interest in technology and computers but once again I was way out of my league. However, through group work and burying my nose into coursework I still somehow came out with a Distinction. It is only now when you look back you realise how much you have achieved, but by still living at home with no prospects of family or love on the horizon I can’t help but sometimes feel a little bit empty. It’s all because I buried my head in the sand all these years in denial that I would have to eventually grow up for real, move out and live this big scary world without the protection of my parents.9b8c343db7fb8b377ed4186a04fe79b0

But now my mind has turned to the prospect of career life, living in my own home, being a bit more settled and potentially having my own kids, (marriage isn’t such a big deal to me but I would happily be a single mother and adopt if it were to come to it). I’ve thought about a career I wanted to do for many years and one that my Mum always used to say I’d be great at from a young age, teaching. I could never do primary years as the amount of young kids would drive me to a nervous breakdown but I’ve always had a secret wish to be a secondary school teacher in either English or History. I’ve looked into my options and it means I will have to go to Uni to achieve this career as all my previous qualifications are either Media or Computer based and I don’t feel experienced enough to go into teaching those subjects.

That gives me a year, I have until September 2015 to pick a subject and go down the path I really did want to when I was about 11 or 12 years old but didn’t have the courage to do when I actually turned 16. Just under ten years later and after having buried my head in the sand for long enough I know there is a path out there for me to take and it may change again but for the first time in a long time I feel like I actually have a little direction in my life.

Love and Light,

Kat x


Debenhams Shoe Haul


Who knew there was epic sales at this time of year? Not me! After a recent trip to Meadowhall and hours spent in Debenhams through what seemed to be a tropic thunderstorm going off outside I broke out the bank card and splashed (a little) cash on some bargains. After getting home I jumped online to get some more, you can order all this sale stock and have it delivered to your local Debenhams for FREE, really handy when I have one just down the road from me. Here’s my bargain buys!

Floozie by Frost French. I don't know the exact original price but they were more than 50% discounted. I got them for just under £15.

Floozie by Frost French. I don’t know the exact original price but they were more than 50% discounted. I got them for just under £15.


I saw some brogues with this style which I was searching high and low for my size until I stumbled across these beauty’s. I am a sucker for pointed flats because they add a feminine touch to my otherwise curvy appearance (so I think) and the design of these is so original! I wore these at work the other day six straight hours and it was like wearing a pair of slippers, no rubbing and no blisters despite no socks and lots of hot weather. I love the detailing most notably the little gold hearts on the back of the pumps as well as the lipstick liner inside.


H! by Henry Holland. Should have been £35 and got them for £11.

H! by Henry Holland. Should have been £35 and got them for £11.

I am currently obsessed with all things Henry Holland and love that he has his own afforable range in Debenhams, the pastel satchels in there at the minute are too die for! These patent little shoes were an absolute steal for £11 and I have also worn these to work with no rubbing despite no socks. I am however looking forward to these in autumn with thick tights or ankle socks as they are perfect for a little addition to any great outfit.

Red Herring. Reduced to around £11 from £35.

Red Herring. Reduced to around £11 from £35.

The reviews weren’t very favourable with many complaining about the metallic colour rubbing off not so long after buying them which means I would have never thought of them at the original £35 asking price. However these were also reduced down to £11 and I wanted to inject a different colour brogue into my wardrobe which will also be perfect for the impending autumn/winter time. However the beautiful shine on them means they’ll be great for summer and I adore the little side buckle!

H! by Henry Holland. Reduced to £11 from £35

H! by Henry Holland. Reduced to £11 from £35

I adore these shoes! They give me that perfect 1950′s rockabilly vibe that would be perfect with capri jeans, a cute little top and some big curled hair. These would never have been my style a few years ago but oh how things change. I love the bowling geek style they carry but with the mashing up of silver and white makes me think I can dress them up nicely with summery floating dresses.

So there you have it! They aren’t exactly summery but at no more than £45 for the whole lot it would have been crazy for me to not buy them considering they were going to £35 each before discounted. I can’t wait to match these up with some floaty dresses and ankle socks and bulk them with tights and scarves this coming autumn. Definitely get yourself online to your favourite high street shops to see if you can grab yourself a bargain!

Kat x

Marshmallow Treats

Today is a treat! I’ve got three posts lined up starting with this great simple idea from the Weight Watchers mag if you’re a bit of a sweet tooth (like me) and fancy satisfying those cravings with something that won’t break your healthy eating plan too much. These simple little marshmallow treats are just 1 point each (if you follow WW) and so easy to make, they’re perfect for kids to get creative in the kitchen and a great little addition to BBQ’s, parties and even weddings.



Ingredients: A bag of big marshmallows, I even saw some heart shaped mallows which I snagged, definitely will be making some with these for the big wedding at the end of August. Some chocolate, I used the cheap plain cooking chocolate opposed to anything too rich and calorie filled but if you want to go the extra mile then maybe get some Dairy Milk or Galaxy. And then any toppings you like! Weight Watchers used hundreds and thousands but I was spoilt for choice in the Tesco baking section opting eventually for popping candy and pastel coloured stars as well as mini chocolate crispies for an extra chocolatey touch.


As I said these are so easy to make. Simply melt your chocolate down, I chose the microwave as a quick and easy method and then dip your mallows in around half way. Hold them for a while to let the excess chocolate run off, place then down on a flat surface and sprinkle your toppings over the top. Leave them for a little while to set if you want the chocolate to be hardened (shouldn’t take too long) and voila you have beautiful little treats for the kiddies! You can pop them in little baking cases or stab them with some lollipop sticks and stick into a polystyrene base. I’m definitely going to do a variety of these with cake pops for the summer wedding at the end of August and I can’t wait to share that with you later next month!


(Apologies the end result is a bit of a blurry pic but I didn’t have chance to re-shoot thanks to my next door neighbors dog suddenly appearing in our back garden!)

If you’re trying to lose some weight (like me) then I definitely recommend getting hold of the Weight Watchers magazine. You don’t have to follow the whole plan but the meal plans and dessert ideas are divine and can be managed around a healthier lifestyle, the big strawberry trifle in there is next on my baking list.

Kat x